14 July, 2024



Hydrological data products from two different sources will be produced and collected for the 4DHydro project.

The first data collection is based on Earth Observations, collecting all the EO products of hydrological variables at high spatial resolution.

The second data collection is produced by Land Surface Models and Hydrological Models at two different spatial scales (Tier 1 and Tier 2).

For the Tier 2 simulations, different assimilation and calibration techniques will be applied to produce hydrological data at high spatial and temporal resolution (1 km, 1day), making use of the EO data collection.

4DHydro will build up an open-access reference dataset for hydrological variables over Europe, Rhine, Po and Tugela basins, composed of high resolution Earth Observations data.

4DHydro will collect community reference simulations from all modelers partners and prepare a common ancillary datasets for the future high resolution simulations (Tier 1). 4DHydro will produce high-resolution EO products through a set of various experiments at both regional and basin scales across different spatial resolutions (Tier 2).

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